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Sand reclamation, the process of cleaning previously used sand so it can be reused, is taking on a new urgency, as silica sand prices have doubled and tripled over the past few years. Lately, it is not only price, but dwindling sand availability, that has motivated foundries to start reclaiming sand.

The good news about sand reclamation is that most of the reclamation technology has been in use for more than 20 years, so it is well vetted and has been through several cycles of improvement. And in almost all cases, foundries and other industries save money when they reclaim sand.

J Carpenter Environmental, LLC, and its parent company Carpenter Brothers, Inc. represent one of the best known brands in sand reclamation, Simpson Technology. Their systems are in daily use around the globe.

Mechanical Reclamation: Mechanical sand reclamation systems remove accumulated coatings around the sand grains, as well as dust and other impurities that would otherwise make the sand unusable. These systems use mechanical shock, attrition and air scrubbing to knock off the coatings and separate them from the sand. Simpson's Pro Claim unit accomplishes this by using the sand grain themselves as the abrasive body and air as the motivating force. Simpson achieves the industries' highest equipment reliability because there are no moving parts in a Pro Claim unit. And it runs with no operator after it is set up. These systems are typically less than $5/ ton to operate and often half that amount.

Thermal Reclamation: Most thermal reclamation systems are preceded by mechanical systems that prep the sand for thermal treatment by removing metallics and part of the sand coatings. IMF's thermal reclamation system uses a unique fluidized, gas-fired bed design to combust and remove remaining residual sand coatings. The thermal phase of the reclamation is normally around $10/ ton to operate.

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