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In 2006, J Carpenter Environmental, LLC, was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carpenter Brothers, Inc to market and support environmental products and equipment sales outside the foundry industry. There was a concurrent movement to source castings outside the USA during this time. At that time, the owner and management of Carpenter Brothers, Inc (including John Carpenter, Nick Gerrits, and Bob Zayko) chose to diversify sales activities to markets that provide a stable USA client base going into the future. As a result, J Carpenter Environmental, LLC branched into other markets while maintaining product and equipment support for air pollution control and waste stream management within foundries.

J Carpenter Enviornmental, LLC pursued new markets, including brownfield remediation and civil engineering construction projects, with products for waste solidification, heavy metals stabilization, permeable remediation barriers, and cut-off walls. J Carpenter Environmental, LLC quickly recognized an opportunity to add value for customers by providing delivery and technical support to end-users, including rail, bulk delivery, and repackaging options, to assist our customers in delivering cost-effective project execution.

In 2012, J Carpenter Environmental, LLC entered the mineral mining and processing market with new equipment and consumable products, including air pollution control equipment, dust and fines management equipment, and mineral screener products. J Carpenter Environmental, LLC has become a go-to solution for customers and continues to identify new products that meet ever-changing customer needs. Continued growth is anticipated in the following years as new market opportunities and product offerings are identified with new and existing customers.


Wholly-owned subsidiary of Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

J Carpenter Environmental, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carpenter Brothers, Inc. (CBI), one of the largest distributors of foundry and industrial supplies and equipment in the United States. CBI was founded in 1917 as a foundry supply company and has expanded over the years into products and equipment for the die casting, environmental, blast cleaning, and surface finishing industries. CBI is best known in its market for providing in-depth technical support to its clients through its sales engineering field staff.

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The Expertise of J Carpenter Environmental personnel is one of the major differentiators for their customers. The customers know that J Carpenter Environmental will provide them with valuable advice and will deliver reliable products and equipment that can be trusted to perform.