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J Carpenter Enviromental, LLC provides various environmental products and equipment for dust control. We have various baghouse supplies, dust suppression hoppers, vacuums, mixers, and dust collection systems. Give us a call to discuss your dust control needs. 

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Dust Control Products

Dustchaser™ Leak Detection Powder This easy-to-use, non-toxic powder comes in 9 different fluorescent colors that light up under ultra-violet black light. When added to the dirty air side of a baghouse, the powder quickly identifies leaks in bags, seams, and welds. Works for wire cage, shaker, reverse air, and cartridge-type collectors. Use the Baby Blue Plus™ UV light kit with special glasses to identify the leaks.

Baby Blue Plus™ This powerful, lightweight, cordless, LED ultraviolet black light detects Dustchaser leak detection powder in Bag Houses. It's powered by a NiMH 18000 mah battery that will give hours of use. It comes with its case, charger, and UV-enhancing glasses.

Guardian Precoat™ A dry inert powder produced from volcanic rock that forms a three-dimensional, porous dust cake on new filter bags, absorbs harmful moisture and oils and improves baghouse performance by increasing airflow and decreasing the size of particulate that can pass through the bags.

Dust Control Equipment

Your complete industrial vacuum source. JCE is partnered with Multi-Vac for all your dust control needs. With a vacuum for every application, we are guaranteed something suitable for your needs.

  • Portable, Stationary, Trailer, Truck
  • Rent, Lease, Purchase
  • Long service life with minimal maintenance
  • Dual inlets
  • No tool required filter/cage removal

Foundry operations produce a variety of byproducts—baghouse dust, grinding residue, dust from molding and handling, and spent sand. A Turbin-style pan mixer with a hydraulically operated discharge door can stabilize the dust. The Turbin mixer can continuously mix the combined waste and discharges it ready for transportation to the landfill.

  • Efficiently treat dust for disposal
  • Cast Ni-Hard wall scraper baldes and mixing paddles
  • Wash-out system allows for safe and quick clean-up
  • Hinged access doors on top of mixer gasketed to contain dust and water

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Baghouse Supplies


Dust Collection Systems

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Dust Suppression Hopper System (DSH) ®


DustMASTER Enviro Systems

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Multi-Vac High Volume Vacuums

Product Applications

  • Baghouse Supplies
  • Foundries
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mercury vapor removal
  • Dust Supression Hoppers
  • Dust Collection Systems

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