Baghouse Supplies

Leak Detection

DustChaser This easy-to-use, non-toxic powder comes in 9 different fluorescent colors that light up under ultra-violet black light. When added to the dirty air side of a baghouse, the powder quickly identifies leaks in bags, seams, and welds. Works for wire cage, shaker, reverse air, and cartridge-type collectors. Use the Baby Blue Plus™ UV light kit with special glasses to identify the leaks.

Baby Blue + This powerful, lightweight, cordless, LED ultraviolet black light is used to detect Dustchaser leak detection powder in Bag Houses. It’s powered by a NiMH 18000 mah battery that will give hours of use. It comes with its case, charger, and UV-enhancing glasses.

Filter Bag Conditioning Agent

Guardian Precoat A dry inert powder produced from volcanic rock that forms a three-dimensional, porous dust cake on new filter bags, absorbs harmful moisture and oils, and improves baghouse performance by increasing airflow and decreasing particulate size that can pass through the bags.

Filter Bags/Cartridges


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