Dust Suppression Hopper System (DSH) ®

Controlling dust during sand mining and processing is essential to maintaining a healthy work environment and good community relationships. Dust Suppression Hopper System (DSH) ® This remarkable and straightforward piece of equipment drastically reduces dust when loading railcars and trucks.

Dust Supression Hopper picture

How it works: This remarkably effective device works by trapping fine dusty particles while sand is dropped from storage silos to receiving trucks or railcars. The DSH system is attached to the bottom of a storage silo or loading point and consists of a specially designed-hopper with a central plug. Sand loaded into the hopper is initially contained in it until the weight of the sand causes the plug to open the bottom of the hopper. This releases the sand through the cavity between the plug and the hopper. Because of the system’s special design, large particles migrate to the edge of the falling column of sand. These larger particles form a barrier that keeps smaller, dusty particles contained in the column. This dust entrapment continues until the material reaches the truck bed or railcar bottom.

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