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J Carpenter Environmental, LLC has been helping metal casting facilities and manufacturing plants with products and equipment for environmental protection and compliance. We can help with heavy metal stabilization, air pollution control, dust management, water treatment, and helping your facility remain under the permissible exposure limits (PEL) set by OSHA. 

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Foundry and Other Manufacturing Products

J Carpenter Environmental, LLC is the exclusive distributor of TDJ's Bantox® and Blastox® products for heavy metal stabilization in foundries and remediation applications. The products are used to reduce leachable heavy metals in waste so that the waste can be disposed of as non-hazardous. Bantox® and Blastox® are based on complex calcium silicate chemistry with additions of other proprietary additives that enhance the stabilization reaction. The US EPA lists silicate chemistries as a best demonstrated available technology (BDAT) for stabilizing heavy metal-containing waste.

In manufacturing applications, Bantox® and Blastox® can be injected either directly into furnaces or ductwork ahead of baghouses. In addition, both products are resistant to heat-induced decomposition, which allows them to work in atmospheric conditions that most other chemicals cannot withstand.

The products can be mixed with contaminated soil or other waste for remediation applications using standard construction equipment or in pug mills.

Bantox® and Blastox® are available in small bags on pallets, bulk bags, or bulk shipments.

Foundry and Other Manufacturing Equipment

Controlling dust during sand transportation and processing is essential to maintaining a healthy work environment and good community relationships. Dust Suppression Hopper System (DSH)® This remarkable and straightforward piece of equipment drastically reduces dust when loading railcars and trucks.

  • Standard model uses no utilities & no internal moving parts
  • Reduce maintenance, cleaning & storage costs
  • Reduce product shrinkage & improve visibility while loading
  • Improve your employee health and safety
  • Improve air quality for your environmental community

Foundry operations produce a variety of byproducts—baghouse dust, grinding residue, dust from molding and handling, and spent sand. A Turbin-style pan mixer with a hydraulically operated discharge door can stabilize the dust. The Turbin mixer can continuously mix the combined waste and discharges it ready for transportation to the landfill.


  • Efficiently treat dust for disposal
  • Cast Ni-Hard wall scraper baldes and mixing paddles
  • Wash-out system allows for safe and quick clean-up
  • Hinged access doors on top of mixer gasketed to contain dust and water

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Dust Control

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Heavy Metals Stabilization

Product Applications

  • Heavy Metal Stabilization
  • Foundry Dust
  • Water Treatment
  • Remediation
  • Dust Control
  • VOC / HAP control

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