Heavy Metals Stabilization

J Carpenter Environmental, LLC is the exclusive distributor of TDJ’s Bantox® and Blastox® products for heavy metal stabilization in foundries and remediation applications. The products are used to reduce leachable heavy metals in waste so that the waste can be disposed of as non-hazardous. Bantox® and Blastox® are based on complex calcium silicate chemistry with additions of other proprietary additives that enhance the stabilization reaction. The US EPA lists silicate chemistries as a Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) for stabilizing heavy metal-containing waste.

heavy metal stabilization

In manufacturing applications, Bantox® and Blastox® can be injected directly into furnaces or ductwork ahead of bag houses. In addition, both products are resistant to heat-induced decomposition, allowing them to work in atmospheric conditions that most other chemicals cannot withstand.

The products can be mixed with contaminated soil or waste using standard construction equipment or in pug mills for remediation applications.

Bantox® and Blastox® are available in small bags and bulk bags on pallets and in bulk.

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