J Carpenter Environmental, LLC is an authorized distributor of BARA-KADE® brand bentonite manufactured by Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC (BPM), the second largest bentonite producer of sodium bentonite in the United States. BPM has produced bentonite for 80 years and has two mining operations in Wyoming. Its bentonite meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and all other applicable governing bodies. BPM is also licensed to use the API monogram labeling on its API bentonite products.

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BARA-KADE® Bentonite is used in civil engineering applications as a mineral hydraulic barrier in diaphragm walls, foundations, tunneling, horizontal directional drilling, and pipe jacking. Other common environmental uses include mixing bentonite with soil to create landfill liners that protect groundwater. It’s also used in wastewater clarification where the electrostatic charge of the bentonite mineral attracts and holds contaminates for removal from industrial process water.

In addition to supplying BARA-KADE products, JCE provides advice on soil sealing add rates and how to fix leaks in impoundments, lakes, and ponds. In addition, JCE’s logistics department helps its clients find the most economical way of getting bentonite to their projects. JCE makes rail and rail-to-truck transfer arrangements for higher volume jobs to keep shipping costs from the Wyoming mines low. JCE also stocks bentonite in its warehouses.

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