Mineral Separator Screens

J Carpenter Environmental LLC replacement screens for mineral separators are made by original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The screens are designed to JCE specifications for extended life and durability.


JCE has replacement screens for all major screen equipment manufacturers and styles.

Vibratory Hook Screens:
Such as the ones used with Simplicity and Hummers separators.





Gyratory Edge Screens:

Such as the ones used with Rotex machines. These screens can be edged with standard coated cotton webbing or high-temperature Nomex tape, depending on the application and temperatures of the sand. For specialty applications, the edges can be made from alloys.






Round or Pre-Tensioned Screens:
Used on Sweco and others.










Custom Screens:
Custom modifications to the Vibratory, Gyratory Edge, or Round Screens are available.

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